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Jun. 19th, 2007

kari77, two patch team

Fic: The Aftermath

Oh god, it was so fantastic, I got 3 photos with Joe Flanigan and two autographs!!! I might be a little bit poor now, but it was worth it. In celebration I have decided to post this short fic that has been sitting about on my computer for ages.

Title: The Aftermath
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing: John/Rodney (Pre-slash)
Rating: PG?
Spoilers: Season One,The Storm & The Eye
Authors Notes: Originally posted to celebrate meeting Joe Flanigan and Kavan Smith. A big thank you to the wonderful chase_acow who beta'd this fic for me and did a fantastic job, correcting all my mistakes and making sure I wasn't being overly dramatic. 

Summary: Rodney was afraid of him.

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kari77, two patch team

Fic: Home (Repost)

Title: Home

Fandom: Firefly

Character(s): Simon

Rating: Pg

Word Count: 518

Spoilers/Warnings: None

Prompt: Firefly Friday - Redux, `#20 Favourite Things`

Disclaimer: Joss rules my 'verse. I bow to his genius.

Author's Note: Dedicated to my first year in student accomodation (not as random and irrelevent as it seems). This hasn't been beta-d so all mistakes are mine, point them out to me if you find them. Constructive criticism is more than welcome. 

kari77, two patch team

Fic: The Journey

Title: The Journey
Author: Saffie_lew
Rating: Pg
Prompt: #113 numbers (FF-Friday)
Characters: All, but River's POV
Pairings: Mal/Simon (very, very vague)
Spoilers: Post Objects in Space, pre BDM (but hints of one major event)
Warnings: Very, very vague slash
Word Count: 672

Author's Note: Not my usual style, but I really wanted to do a River POV. I'm a little worried about how easy it was to sound crazy. I took a slightly odd approach to the prompt, hope it's okay. This is the first Firefly story I've written and I'm very nervous (as in feeling sort of sick and about to lose my nerve about posting it). Very odd, it's not like I haven't posted anything before.

Disclaimer: Joss rules my 'verse. I bow down to his genius. 

kari77, two patch team

Fic: That Word

Ok, so I've just changed my account due to RL issues and now I'm reposting all my fics, so here we go.

Title: That Word 

Summary: Oneshot! With future sequel. For more than one person Hogwart's great celebration is not as entertaining as it should be. Wandering away from the party, Draco Malfoy bumps into someone he didn't expect to see. 

Spoilers: Up to OotP. AU after HBP. 

Genre: Romance 

Rating: T/PG13 

Pairing: Draco/Harry


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