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Fic: The Winding Way of Sin

Title: The Winding Way of Sin  (Formerly `Arthur's Birthday Gang bang Smut` - Titles are not my forte)
Fandom: Inception
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Rating: NC17 (Seriously)
Spoilers: N/A
Warnings: PWP, Consensual Gang bang, Barebacking, Double Penetration.
Word Count: 5200
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Author's Note: Porn with no redeeming features. I wrote this story for this prompt over at inception_kink :
Arthur/Other, Arthur/Eames, Gang bang.  For Arthur's birthday he wants to get gang banged.  Eames sets it up and is there to supervise.  NO PLOT.  Pure smut.  Random Anonymous men just fucking Arthur every which way, because that's what he asked for.  {Bonus points if you keep the men nameless and use character descriptions when talking about them.  The blond one, the tall one, etc}.

I can't believe I am de-anoning this one, lets just say there was some double daring involved.

Eames wasn’t an architect, not by any stretch of the imagination.  Arthur could see the seams of this dream all around, and he knew that the maze wouldn’t be worth shit if the projections turned nasty.  As he looked around the brightly lit, seedy motel room at the mostly naked men stroking their own hard cocks and looking at him as though he was dinner, he decided he didn’t give a damn about the architecture because Eames was good at people. 

The Blonde in front of him with shoulders twice as broad as Arthur stepped into his space, crowding him. He raised his hands to Athur’s shoulders and pushed Arthur’s jacket off in one smooth motion.  Strike that, Arthur thought, Eames was incredible with people.

That must have been some sort of silent cue because the other men surged forward, pressing into him on all sides.  Past the mass of bodies surrounding him, Arthur could see Eames lounging in a dirty old armchair, one ankle propped up on a knee and wearing a lecherous smile.   Then he was lost behind the thickly haired chest of a very large, bearded man, and Arthur’s pants were dragged down. 

Someone slid a hand into his shorts – Arthur wished his dream self had thought up something looser than his usual tight, black boxer briefs.  Arms slid around his waist from behind, pulling him back against a slick, solid chest and Arthur remembered Blondie, wondered how he had forgotten biceps like that.  A hot, wet mouth danced across the thin material of his briefs, fingers smoothing over the slick head of his cock.  Arthur’s head fell back against a thickly muscled shoulder.  He was so hard; he pushed himself against the searing mouth and groaned.

“Don’t get too carried away, Pet.”

Arthur’s head snapped up and he stared past the Bear’s shoulder straight into Eames’s eyes.  And then the mouth was gone and his shorts were being pulled down.  He looked down and saw long, brown hair.  The guy dragged his tongue up Arthur’s cock and Arthur bit down on his bottom lip to stop the groan in the back of his throat from escaping.  Then the Brunette’s hot tongue was gone and he couldn’t hold back a soft, whining moan.  There was fumbling around the base of his cock and then a feeling of tightness.  The Brunette moved back, sitting on his heels and smiling up at Arthur.  There was a black leather cock ring fastened around his dick.  Arthur’s arousal spiked, he couldn’t help the panting breaths or the sheen of sweat that broke out across his whole body.

“Much better,” Eames’s voice came from somewhere hazy on the outskirts of Arthur’s awareness.

Brunette and the Bear moved away, watching Arthur and stroking their own dicks.  Two of the other men who’d been hanging back stalked forwards; an older man, with short, bristly brown hair and a full torso of beautiful tattoos, and a skinny, Latino looking twink.  The four of them formed a semi circle in front of Arthur. 

Blondie pulled him tight against his hard chest, deft fingers flicking open the buttons of his dress shirt.  There was something else hard, pressing against the cleft of his ass.  Arthur pressed back into it, letting his head drop back onto Blondie’s shoulder as he was peeled out of his shirt, until he stood naked before the admiring glances of the four other men.  Arthur shuddered.


“I’m gonna fuck you now,” the Bear said, stepping back into his personal space, pressing along the length of his body.

Arthur felt his cock twitch and tried to push up into those hairy abs, to rub against them, but Blondie pulled him back by his arms, restraining him.

“Please,” Arthur heard himself begging again, “please.  Fuck me.”

He was yanked painfully from Blondie’s grip and thrown onto the bed, catching himself with his hands before his face hit the soiled mattress.  Bear was on him in an instant, and Arthur braced himself for the rough burn of a thick, dry cock thrusting inside of him.  Instead there was a slick, pointed tongue probing his hole.  Arthur tried to push back into it, but there were suddenly hands, lots of hands, holding him down at the hips, the shoulders, pressing him into the dirty mattress.  Arthur struggled to turn his head sideways and gulped down some air.

The tongue swept across his hole, again and again, flat strokes and pointed jabs, hot and wet and incredible.  Arthur heard a high, keening noise and realised it was him.  Any embarrassment he might have felt vanished when the tongue pushed deeper inside him, greedy mouth sucking around his opening.  Arthur fought against the restraining hands, trying to push his cock down into the mattress, but he couldn’t get enough leverage for any real friction.

He was half mad with need when the first thick finger breached him slowly, one knuckle at a time.  It twisted, infuriatingly slow and slick.

“Please, more,” Arthur managed to grunt, rough and breathless.

“Yes,” Eames agreed, his voice coming from miles away, “more.”

Bear clearly took this order seriously, the finger pulled out abruptly and Arthur felt himself stretched to burn as something much thicker was pushed inside him.  Still fingers, but three this time, at least three, and mercilessly thick and hard and amazing.  Arthur groaned, mumbling filthy, filthy things into the stained mattress, begging for more, for harder.  And then the fingers vanished.

“No!”  Arthur said, struggling against the restraining hands, “don’t stop, please, I need-“

He gasped as something slipped inside him.  Not Bear this time, this finger was thinner and longer.  He tilted his head to the side and squinted through pleasure blurred eyes.  It was the Latino twink.  Then something else, someone else, pressed in from his other side.  There were two fingers, two men inside him.

“More.  Now.  More,” Arthur ordered and there was another finger, and a body leaning across him from above his head.  Three fingers, three men.  And soon they’d all be inside him, fucking him.  Arthur’s whole body tensed at the thought, a wave of ecstasy rolling through him.   There was a rustling noise from behind his ass.

“No,” Eames said. 

Arthur tried to choke out an objection, wanted to cry out don’t stop, don’t you fucking dare stop!

“No condoms.”  Eames continued, “Fuck him bare and come inside him.  I want to see you all dripping out of his arse.”

Arousal surged through Arthur, so strong that his chest tightened, his breath stopped.  The hands holding him slackened.  He was pulled up by the hips so that his head was pressed hard into the mattress, his neck trapped at a painful angle.  The fingers holding him open left and were replaced by a blunt bare cock pressing into his hole.  Arthur was reeling with the abruptness it all.

“Do it,” someone said.

“Put it in him.”  A growl.

Arthur wanted to be embarrassed by how much the bad porn dialogue was turning him on, but it felt like all the blood in his body was in his cock.  Besides, Eames was the only one watching and Eames already knew all his dirty little secrets.  He was the only one Arthur would trust to see him so wanton.

“Fuck him.”

Bear thrust his hard cock inside Arthur in one smooth roll of his hips, grunting.  He stilled, buried to the hilt in Arthur’s ass.  Arthur was being split open.  It was too much, too fast, too deep.

“Move,” he growled, “fucking move.”

Bear pulled out slowly then thrust back in, hard, hitting Arthur’s prostate perfectly.  The hands on his hips shifted and then he was being pushed away, pulled back, meeting Bear thrust for thrust.  His cheek rubbed back and forth over the rough mattress, burning the freshly shaved skin.  His neck wrenched and his ass burned; his dick harder than it had ever been before.  Bear pounded him again and again and again.  A hand reached down under Arthur and wrapped around his cock, jerking him off.  Arthur forced his eyes open and was greeted with a hard tattooed torso, intricate designs of fierce green dragons and orange koi, stark black panthers all flowing together effortlessly.  It was such a contrast to Eames mish-mash of art, rough lines and seemingly random words that Arthur wondered vaguely if he’d done it deliberately to play to Arthur’s aesthetic preferences.  Tattoo caught his gaze and grinned wickedly.  He leaned down and pressed his lips to Arthur’s in an awkward parody of a kiss, tongue plunging into his mouth in time with the dick plunging into his ass.

Arthur panted into his mouth, struggling to get enough air and trapped in the sensations, thrusting forward into the hand surrounding him and back onto the cock impaling him.  Arthur was drowning in sensation, burning with it.

The hands on his hips gripped tighter, hard enough to bruise.  They pulled Arthur back, keeping him skewered as Bear jerked inside him, deep stuttering thrusts.  He came in Arthur’s ass with a grunt, collapsing onto Arthur’s back and forcing him back down to the mattress.

“Yeah, yeah,” someone moaned. 

Arthur twisted his head until he could see Blondie jerking himself off.  He pushed himself up on shaking arms, struggling against Bear’s weight.  He fought to turn his head and pressed his nose into Blondie’s balls, mouthing at them till he took the hint.  Blondie’s hard cock pressed into his mouth, demanding.  Arthur pressed his tongue flat against the cock as Blondie rocked slowly into his mouth.  Bear climbed off Arthur’s back, his softening cock slipping from Arthur’s hole with a wet sound that made Arthur moan.  Blondie jolted against his pallet and Arthur gagged.

“Take it, boy.”  A hand pressed hard into the back of his head, forcing him back down onto Blondie until the cock hit the back of his throat.  Arthur gagged again, choking around the obstruction.

“Suck it, boy,” Bear ordered.  Arthur forced his throat to relax, ignoring the way his body was screaming at him to breathe.  He let the cock slide deeper inside him until he could swallow around it.

Bear pulled him back by the hair, letting him gasp two quick breaths before forcing him back down, again, again, again, until Arthur was lost in the rhythm.

“Get on him,” someone grunted, “get on that ass and fuck him.”

“Yeah, turn him over.  Let me into that tight ass.”

Arthur was pulled back from the cock, Blondie struggling to follow, as Tattoo flipped him onto his back.  The Twink  pulled him further onto the bed so he was stretched out side to side.  Arthur raised a shaky arm, groping across the bed, his hand seeking the hot, hard flesh of Blondie’s cock.  His fingers closed around the velvet flesh and he used it to guide Blondie forward, pull that cock back into his mouth.

“Look at him.  He’s so hungry for it.”  There was a sharp slap on his thigh.  “Slut.”

“Fuck him.”

“I’m gonna come in your ass.”

Arthur looked down the length of his body, eyes half-lidded, as his legs were pushed up until his feet were flat on the mattress.  Brunette was kneeling between Arthur’s thighs, holding his legs apart.  He pulled Arthur forward by the hips until Arthur’s ass was propped on his thighs.  Blondie’s dick slipped from his mouth with a slick pop. 

Twink crawled up behind Brunette, leaning into his back.  He reached around and grabbed Arthur’s legs by the knees, pulling until Arthur’s ankles were hooked over Brunettes shoulders.  Arthur wriggled against the thighs beneath him until he got a good grip on Brunettes shoulders, pressing against the waiting cock.  Twink had a hold of his foot, stroking his ankle and pressing soft kisses to the sole of Arthur’s foot.

There was a wordless exchange and Tattoo pressed a tube of lube into Twink’s hand.  Arthur watched as Twink used it to slick Brunette’s long dick with smooth, sure strokes.

“Now,” Arthur said, barely recognising his own voice.

“He thinks he’s calling the shots,” Tattoo said, “let’s give him something better to do with his mouth.”

Blondie shuffled around in the narrow strip of mattress behind Arthur’s head.  He straddled Arthur’s face, leaning forward and feeding his dick back into Arthur’s mouth.  The angle was awkward, but Blondie was relentless.  He pushed forward, forward, until he was buried deep in Arthur’s throat, his balls pressing into Arthur’s nose.  Blondie rocked slowly into Arthur, letting Arthur get into a rhythm, breathing through his nose and constricting his throat around Blondie’s cock.

Blondie moaned over and over.  He fell forward onto his hands, bracketing Arthur’s body.  Arthur closed his eyes and settled into the feeling of being taken, being used.

Brunette pressed against his hole, pushing slowly, barely inside, and then pulling out.  Slow, shallow, infuriating thrusts.  Just enough to breach the tight ring of muscle and not enough to-

Arthur groaned at the feel of a large sloppy mouth closing around his cock.  He struggled to keep his rhythm, swallow-suck-breathe, almost choking on the cock in his throat.  Not enough, he thought, half-panicked and desperate, making a high, needy, keening noise.  Too much and not enough.  Arthur wanted to come, needed to come.  He needed Brunette harder, deeper.  He needed to be fucked properly.

A hand pulled his head back by the hair, pressing him back into the mattress.  The dick pulled away from his mouth, the thrusts turning shallower, faster.  Arthur opened his eyes, blearily.  Blondie was talking.

“I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I’m gonna fucking come,” he said, over and over in a guttural voice as he rocked into Arthur’s mouth, just catching the back of Arthur’s throat, forcing Arthur to gag again and again in time with his rolling hips. 

Arthur tried to prepare, but it still caught him by surprise.  Hot salty fluid flooded his mouth.  He choked on it, spluttering and trying to swallow as Blondie shuddered through his climax.

Blondie fell sideways off him onto the bed and Arthur gulped down a lungful of air, his head clearing a little.  He rolled his head and looked over into the far corner again, needing some sort of connection.  Eames was leaning forward, legs spread and elbows propped on his knees.  There was a flush across his cheeks and his lips were parted and wet.  Arthur smiled at him and Eames licked his lips again.

“You look so hot like that, darling.  Sweaty and dirty and squirming on the end of a stranger’s dick.”

Arthur moaned and braced his shoulders, dropping his feet to the mattress and using it as leverage to force himself down on Brunette’s cock, finally getting the depth he needed.  Eames bit down hard on his own bottom lip.

“Yes, darling, just like that.”

Arthur repeated the move, eyes locked with Eames until Brunette thrust into him almost brutally.  Arthur’ eyes slammed shut, arching up from the bed.  Brunette set a punishing pace.  He took Arthur hard, hands wrapped tight around Arthur’s thighs.  Arthur’s shoulders were driven into the broken springs of the battered sex-stained mattress.

It was too much.  Arthur gasped, his hands grappling for purchase.  His fingers closed on a hot hairy thigh and he squeezed.  Bear groaned, a deep rumbling sound, and then Arthur was being smothered by wet lips, a large tongue forcing its way into his mouth.  Rough hair scraped at his cheeks and Arthur arched up from the bed again.  Bear pulled back from the kiss and looked at him.

“Boy, you’ve got me hard again.  Fucking yourself on that big, juicy cock.”

Arthur glanced down at Bear’s cock, definitely hard again and already dripping precome.  Bear lifted Arthur’s hand from its death grip on his leg and moved it to his cock.  Arthur closed his fingers around the hard length, still slick from fucking him, coming in him.  He stroked it in time with Brunette’s brutal thrusts.

“Oh shit.  I’m coming.”  Brunette gasped.

Arthur swore as the cock pulled out of him and he was left empty.  He tensed his stomach muscles and curled himself forward, propping himself up on one elbow until he could see Brunette stroking himself.

“Come in his hole,” Twink said.

Arthur wanted to agree vigorously, wanted to beg for it, but he didn’t have the breath for words, so he watched.  There were hands on his ass, pulling his cheeks apart, Tattoo on one side and Blondie on the other while Brunette jerked himself faster.  As Arthur watched, he stilled, riding out his orgasm with aborted thrusts into his own hand, stomach muscles twitching and shoulders shivering beneath the Twink’s lips.  Hot fluid landed on his hole and started dripping down the cleft of his ass.

“Push it into him.  You want that come in your greedy little hole, don’t you boy?  Want an ass full of come.”

“Yes,” Arthur gasped, “Yes.  I want it.  I want it in me.  Put it in me.”

Brunette thrust once more into his hand, riding out the aftershocks.  He lined his cock up with Arthur’s hole and pushed slowly back inside.  Arthur moaned at the slickness of it, arousal burning through his veins like liquid fire.  The softening cock pulled out and pressed back in, a slow, sated rhythm driving Arthur crazy.  He tugged harder on Bear’s cock in retaliation, needing more, hungry for more.

“Move over,” Twink said, pulling Brunette away by the shoulders.  Brunette went easily, the tension leached from his body with orgasm in a way Arthur was desperate to feel, his skin crawling with the desire to come.

Then Twink was pushing at Arthur, bending him so that his hips were twisted sideways on the bed, his shoulders still flat against the mattress.  He pulled Arthur’s legs apart and hooked one of them over his shoulder.  Twink spat into his hand and used it to pump his already hard cock once before guiding himself into Arthur’s hot, sticky hole.

He fell forward with a groan, bending Arthur’s leg in a way that he dimly recognised would be uncomfortable if his body wasn’t pumped full of endorphins and adrenaline.  Twink pressed open mouthed kisses to Arthur’s collar bone and pushed into Arthur with a twist of his hips at his deepest point that rolled his cock across Arthur’s prostate.  Awkward as the position was, Arthur couldn’t help but push back into the movement.

“Take it, slut,” Bear ordered.  Arthur squeezed his ass around Twink’s dick and pulled hard on Bear.

“Oh yeah, boy.  I’m gonna cover you in come.”  He shuffled forward on his knees until he was poised over Arthur’s chest. 

Twink stopped moving, turning to watch Arthur jerk Bear off while buried to the hilt in Arthur’s ass.  Arthur squeezed around him again and delighted in the choked off, desperate moan he got in response as Twink struggled to stay still inside him.

“Make me come.  Make me come, boy.”

Arthur pumped harder, faster, drawing deep growling sounds from that broad, hairy chest.

“That’s it,” Blondie said, “Milk him.  Take every drop.”

Twink stuttered inside him again, and Arthur almost felt sorry for him.

Bear thrust up into Arthurs hand once, twice, and came with a groan.  His come landed in thick hot stripes across Arthur’s chest, marking him.

“Yeah,” Bear growled as he came, “fuck, yeah.”

Twink made a broken sound, fingers reaching for the mess on Arthur’s chest.  Arthur arched up into the touch, smearing come across his chest.  Arthur saw the moment Twink’s control snapped, pounding into Arthur’s ass a hand full of times with no finesse.  The teasing twist of his hips was gone and Arthur rode it out with equal passion, meeting him halfway.

“I can’t,” Twink gasped, and froze.  His head fell back and Arthur watched the long column of his throat as he felt Twink emptying himself into his ass with broken thrusts.

Bear ran a hand across Arthur’s chest, scooping up some of his own come.  He slid two slick coated fingers into Arthur’s mouth, smearing come across his lips, holding them there while Arthur cleaned them then pulling them free with a pop.

“Touch me,” Arthur croaked, voice rough and throat aching with misuse.  He wanted it to be an order, but it sounded like a plea, even to him. 

Bear’s laughter was gruff and deep.  Twink pulled out of him leaving Arthur feeling hollow. 

Arthur keened.  “Please.”

He was pulled upright onto his knees between Blondie and Bear.  Tattoo laid flat on his back, cock standing to attention, already slicked up and waiting for him.  Blondie had to support most of Arthur’s weight from behind, Arthur’s muscles too weak with arousal to hold him up.  Bear grabbed one leg and lifted it so Arthur was straddling Tattoos hips.  Tattoo’s palms slid up his thighs, rubbing up and down in a soothing rhythm that was almost unbearable to Arthur’s fever hot skin.  Arthur found himself hypnotised by the swirling colours of ink on the back of Tattoo’s hands.

Blondie moved him so that Arthur was leaning most of his weight backwards into his chest, then reached down and steered Tattoo’s cock to his hole.  Arthur felt the blunt head slipping inside him without resistance.

“That’s it,” Blondie said, urging Arthur to push down, to impale himself.  “Take it.”

Arthur sunk down onto the Tattoo’s cock, shuddering.  Blondie’s hands slid up and down his back, urging him to lean forward.  Tattoo’s hips snapped up lazily, sending jolts like electricity through Arthur’s nerves, pushing him higher and higher into pleasure.  His hands slid up Arthur’s thighs and onto his ass, pulling his cheeks apart.  A slick thumb slid across the join where Tattoo’s dick disappeared inside him.  And then Arthur was gasping as the thumb pressed inside him above Tattoo’s dick.  The stretch was incredible, almost too much, too full.  His hole was burning with the pressure of it. 

“Can you take more?”  Bear’s voice was rough as he panted the words into Arthur’s ear, hot and damp.  “Can you, boy?  How much can you take?”

Arthur gasped two tight painful breaths into his burning chest, and fought to get the words out to tell them what he needed.

“Yes,” he breathed, “yes.  Everything, all of it.”

“Jesus, Arthur.”

Arthur rolled his head on Tattoo’s painted chest, struggling to see Eames watching in his corner.  He had his pants open and Arthur could see his dick pointing out, hard and ready.  But Eames wasn’t touching himself; he was watching Arthur, watching Arthur being fucked, as though it was the most amazing thing he’d ever seen.  As though Arthur was the most amazing thing he’d ever seen.

Then Arthur was dragged back to his own immediate need as the thumb pulled out of him and something blunt and impossibly large was pressing against his hole.  There was a moment when Arthur thought it wouldn’t happen before Blondie was pushing inside, inch by inch, steady and confident.  Arthur gritted his teeth and pressed his forehead hard into Tattoo’s chest.  His eye screwed shut as he tried to ride out the agony-ecstasy of having two cocks pressing inside him.  How could he have thought anything else was too much?  This was it.  This was his breaking point.

Blondie leaned on Arthur’s back, rocking into him with slow, careful rolls of his hips, rubbing himself against the other cock resting inside Arthur.  It was too much, too hot, too close, too full, so full it hurt.  Arthur moaned and moaned and twitched against Tattoo’s chest.  Gasping harsh, painful breaths and trying to relax around the pain.  He was lost, beyond words now.  Reduced to grunts and moans and high pitched noises he couldn’t even think to be ashamed of.  And then it was over.  Blondie pulled out of him carefully, and with a deep groan, splashed hot fluid against Arthur’s back and ass.

He missed the fullness when it was gone, aching for it, almost willing to drag one of the other men to fill up the empty space left inside of him.  But Tattoo thrust up into him hard and free now, with nothing constraining them.  Arthur clung to him, helpless to do anything else.  Anonymous fingers played across his back and ass, spreading the fluid there, mixing it with sweat and trailing it down to his hole.  They breached him scooping that cooling fluid inside, rubbing it into the dick already there.  That was too much for Tattoo.  He let out a harsh shout and thrust into Arthur, pulling Arthur’s hips down so he could get deeper, deeper, bottoming out in Arthur’s ass.  He shook and emptied himself deep inside Arthur, collapsing boneless onto the mattress, spent.

Arthur was peeled off him by multiple hands, without even a moment to enjoy the feeling of hot fluid inside, and laid down flat on his back.  Mouths pressed gentle kisses into his stomach; sucked hickies onto his biceps, teeth grazed his thighs.  No one came close to his dick.  Arthur reached down to touch himself, but both his hands were pressed down firmly into the mattress.  He was at their mercy, arms and legs spread wide.

“Ah ah,” Eames said.  Arthur forced open his eyes to see the man hovering above him, naked and stroking his own dick with intent.  “You’ve been so good, holding off, waiting for me.  Don’t want to ruin it now, do you?”

Arthur shook his head, the movement sloppy with lust.  Eames knelt between his legs and all the other hands and mouths and bodies slunk away into the shadows that had fallen at some point.  Arthur hadn’t noticed the room getting darker, but it must have because the light was dim now, and all he could see was Eames in front of him, running strong hands up and down the inside of his thighs.

“Do you want me to fuck you?”  Eames said, his voice low and dirty.  “Use their come as lube?  They’ve fucked you open for me already.”

He ran two fingers over Arthur’s hole, but didn’t let them dip inside.

“Does it hurt?”  He asked, stroking over and over the sticky mess that was Arthur’s ass.  It sent small, tingling jolts of pleasure through Arthur’s whole body.

“Yes,” Arthur moaned, “God, yes.”

“You’re slick and used.”


“Do you feel empty now?  Do you want my cock inside you?  Fucking you?”


“Like they fucked you?  Hard?  Taking you?  Using you?”

“Yes.  Please.”  Arthur squirmed, trying to get those taunting fingers inside him.

Eames leaned down, pressed a series of kisses into Arthur’s inner thigh, heading towards his cock.  Suddenly all Arthur could think of was what it would feel like to have Eames lips wrapped around his dick.  The wet heat of his mouth.  What it would feel like to come down that throat.  He thrust upwards, trying to find some sort of contact for his searing cock.

“Or,” Eames continued, pulling back and giving no ground, “should I lick into you.”  His breath ghosted across Arthur’s hole and Arthur fought to listen.  “Should I lick their come from your arse?  Suck your hot sore hole until you can’t take it and you come all over yourself without me even touching you?”


“Do you feel empty, Arthur?  Or do you feel full?  Full of them?”  Eames finally slid a finger into him, but the single digit wasn’t nearly enough.  Arthur pressed down on it anyway and moaned when Eames pulled it out, slick with the other men’s’ come

“You’re all sloppy, all messy.”  He slid the finger into his own mouth, leaving a trail of come on his plump bottom lip and moaned as if it was the best thing he’s ever tasted.  “Do you miss all of those hard cocks in you?”

“Yes.”  Arthur whispered, hands gripping into the mattress to stop him touching himself.

Eames’s hands grasped Arthur’s ankles, pushing them upwards until his heels were pressing into the mattress.  His legs were spread wide enough to hurt, to pull at his hips painfully.

“You’re so messy, so sticky and wet, with their come leaking out of your greedy hole.  It would be a shame to waste such a prize.”

Then Eames was moving forward, lining himself up with Arthur’s hole.  His hands slid beneath Arthur’s ass for better leverage.  Eames was inside in one smooth thrust, Arthur’s ass not even offering token resistance.  He reached a hand up and unsnapped the cock ring that had been holding Arthur back from the brink, careful not to touch is cock.

Eames leaned forward over Arthur, his stomach brushing Arthur’s dick with teasing strokes every time he moved inside of Arthur.  Arthur’s hands came up to grip at Eames’s sides, his fingers closing tight on ribs and heated flesh.

“Yes, yes, yes.”  Arthur said, over and over, his voice rising the closer he came to the edge.  It was a broken litany as he felt each stroke grazing his prostate, dancing too lightly across his needy cock.

“Are you close, Arthur?”  Eames murmured against his ear, his voice deep and strained.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Arthur replied.

“Are you going to come for me like this?  With me fucking you, whispering filthy things in your ear?”

“Yes, yes, yes.”

“You’re so wet for me, Arthur.  So loose.”

“Yes, yes, yes.”

“I want you to come for me, Darling, like this.  I want you to come with me moving inside you, waiting to fill you up.  Using five men’s come for lube.  Taking your stretched, slick hole.  Come for me, Arthur.”

Arthur felt it curling in his gut with purpose, that burning hot arousal.  His whole body tensed, trapping Eames in a vice grip, bearing down on his cock and jerking up into his soft stomach.  Arthur cried out, letting the white hot haze fall over him, feeling, somewhere in the distance, Eames coming inside of him.  He collapsed against the soiled mattress like a puppet that’d had his strings cut.  Eames slumping on top of him.

“Wow,” Eames mumbled into Arthur’s collar bone.

Arthur didn’t say anything, didn’t think he’s be able to for a long time.


It was ten minutes later when Eames managed to roll himself off Arthur with a grunt.

“Wow,” he said again.

“Yeah,” Arthur agreed, his voice hoarse.


Arthur snorted.

“So...Happy Brithday.”

“Best Birthday ever,” Arthur said.

“You know if you have any more porn related fantasies, feel free to share.”  Eames rolled onto his side so he was facing Arthur, “it doesn’t have to be a special occasion.”

Arthur turned his head to look at Eames grin and smiled back at him.

The familiar strains of Edith Piaf, floated through the room, and Arthur had a moment to regret not picking something different before he was blinking awake in his bed, tangled in Eames too hot body.

“I told you doing it naked would be easier,” Eames said, running a hand through the sticky mess on Arthur’s naked stomach.

“You were right,” Arthur agreed, feeling generous.  He leaned over and pressed a kiss into Eames’s shoulder.  “Thank you.”

“Oh, it was my pleasure, darling.  Trust me.”


I remember reading this on the kink meme and while I don't know if I commented or not, I just have to say that it's just as hot and shameless as when I read it the first time. That many words of just smut is pretty impressive and I applaud you for this one. So fucking hot, truly.
Read this on the kink meme and LOVED it.

Filthy and scorching hot. Awesome job.
this fic is decadent and sinful... unapologetic and leaves me wanting more!!
wow. That was so filthy in the best way. Loved it.
This was amazingly HOT!!!! BRILLIANTLY DONE!