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kari77, two patch team

An Appeal!!!

I'm currently working on an `Atlantis Separates from Earth` fic and need someone to discuss it with. I need to go over the major world-building type details and make sure that everything makes sense. I would also like to make sure that I haven't inadvertantly stolen anything from other stories of this type, so I thought this would be the best place to ask.

Basically I'm looking for a pre-beta reader, someone to discuss my ideas with.


It started out as a tiny little kidfic to make myself feel better about the massive amounts of coursework I had left to do. Then it turned into not such a feel good kidfic. And then I started asking questions...(never a good idea if you ever want to get something finsihed).

It will in some most points be McShep. This is my main pairing, and it used to be focused on the relationship, but then other things started jumping out and shouting `look at me, look at me`, so I'm not sure how major the relationship will be now.

There is a child involved in some of it. This child is not biologically related to either Sheppard or McKay. There is no MPreg.

This is set post season 3. One of the issues I'm trying to iron out, is how to fit aspects of Season 4 into it without making certain character changes.

Anyone who can help will earn my eternal gratitude and huge thank you's (pick your font size) if I ever manage to get any part of this monster posted.



I love 'separated from Earth' fic and I love kid-fic so I'd be happy to help you out! (As long as there's no grammar involved. Me no English-speaking person...)
Thank you!!! Don't worry, it's no where near the grammar stage yet stage yet, it's more just making sure my ideas make snse and aren't too cliched.

Do you want to do this by email, if so, mine is Saffie_lew@yahoo.co.uk

I have a hectic day today, so let me know and I can probably send my ideas tomorrow.

Thanks again.

I'll help

I love kidfic/seperationfic, so I'd be happy to help. I'm only a kid, but that means I have a lot of imagination ;). So I'd love to help.
Hi! *waves*

Looks like we're sgabigbang support group buddies- just wanted to stop in and say hello. I look forward to getting to know you better.

Is the above mentioned story something that you're considering working on for sgabigbang or something totally outside of that? It sounds facinating.
Hi *waves back*.

It is something I'm considering for BigBang, but I'm trying not to think about it for a few weeks. My dissertation is due the beginning of April, so I'll probably be very quiet for a while, but I'll perk up after that, promise.
Oooh! Best of luck with your dissertation!

Quick questions- what are your thoughts about setting up a com for our little group?
Sounds good.
Wanted to let you know that I set up a com and sent you an invite. As it's an odd name- all numbers- it mave have slipped through the cracks/was deleted. If you missed it, just let me know and I'll send you another invite.

I haven't had an invite, sorry.
Checked your profile and found the comm.
Hey there, another sgabigbang group member here. *waves* Not sure what we're going to be doing yet, but am going with miriad's example and friending group members. If there's any problem with that, do let me know :)

Nope, no problem. I might be a bit quiet for a while though, because my dissertation is due the beginning of April.
Hey, yes, another person from sgabigbang dropping into your journal- just wanted to let you know I friended your journal.

Good luck with your dissertation! I'm in the midst of a huge work crunch, so I know how it is when it comes to too little time. *waves*
Hi, and thanks. I have three weeks to finish, and then I'm taking a week off work & uni for a well deserved rest, so I'll probably be starting then.
I'm the last to the party, but I'm also in your sgabigbang group. I've also friended you.

Look farward to talking to you after the dissertation is over. Good luck with it.